Contest Poll

This coming February 11, 2014 I will be seeing Skinny Puppy on tour for their latest album at The Fillmore theatre in Silver Spring, MD (just 90 seconds from the Washington, DC line). What if I were to host a contest for a free ticket given to one lucky winner? As I said, the concert is in the DC metro area in February, and I’d only be covering the cost of the ticket, but, hey, we’d get to hang out if you like. Is that something you’d be interested in? Before you say yes, watch the video below to get an idea of what Skinny Puppy is all about! Disclaimer: although he mentions me in the video I do not know Ogre or any other members of Skinny Puppy.

In addition to the poll and video, here are two more free songs for you from the Colors Made of Tears soundtrack: “Cannibal Love” and “A Conclave of Dark Intent.” I guess you’d have to call them both heavier entries to the playlist.