SuiPsalms Now in eBook!

suipsalmsIt has taken well over a year, but SuiPsalms is now available in eBook format! The first e-edition available is Kindle, with Nook coming soon. Even better is that SuiPsalms is enrolled in Amazon’s new Matchbook program, meaning if you purchase–or have purchased in the past–a paperback copy you receive the Kindle version free. Yes, that’s right. You can check it out at Here’s what the critics say about this book:

“Packed with a variety of texts that stretch the definition of poetry to the breaking point, SuiPsalms is honest from the beginning…In a standardized world, Lawson’s work is the equivalent of a juggling octopus jumping out of your morning coffee… While there is enough death and darkness to argue this is horror poetry, the book’s diversity makes classification impossible.”
—Black Heart Magazine

Now that’s out of the way I have two more free songs for you from the Colors Made of Tears soundtrack:

-First on the menu is “London Blew the Hell On Up Already.” Need I bother–after so many other off-kilter songs–mention this one is eclectic even within the span of one song? You can give it a listen at

-Second we have our upbeat finisher to the week for setting a positive weekend mood with “Pain Has a Face.” Yes, believe it or not, “Pain Has a Face” is overloaded with enthusiasm and toe-tapping energy. You can give it a listen at