Pathology Study

Yes, that's me as The Crow the Halloween of the film's release. Totally not dating myself here.
Yes, that’s me as The Crow the Halloween of the film’s release. Totally not dating myself here.

Last week author Jason Jack Miller volunteered to be captain of the Twerk Team, so you can blame him for me unleashing this jam: “Pathology Study.”  The story behind this song is that I realized everything I composed was based around themes of violence, evil, alcohol, and so forth, and wondered who would really want to listen to all that. People enjoy songs about love or at least hooking up, and preferably those will be club bangers. Bearing this in mind I set out to make such a song…how is that appropriate for Halloween, you ask? Because my notions surrounding romance and hooking up are, apparently, somewhat twisted. Or: I excel at dark parody. Give “Pathology Study” from the Colors Made of Tears soundtrack a listen free of charge at

Now that you have some sounds to pump you up for the day, how about heading over to Amazon for a free download of S. Craig Zahler’s Wraiths of the Broken Land. Currently Wraiths of the Broken Land is tearing up both the western and horror charts. The free download is only available through midnight tonight Pacific Time, so get your copy now!

Really hate the notion of getting something for nothing? I know a lot of us do. Well, friend, I have a treat for you: instead of getting that free download mentioned above and feeling guilty you can purchase The Horrible, which just hit stores this week, at and at Barnes & Noble later today for only $2.99. I say “only” yet that’s still $2.99 more than the free download. Happy Halloween!