Marching On Out to Die

KickcoverAfter the release of The Horrible yesterday it occurs to me there are plenty of other great dark poetry collections that should also be read this Halloween season. First in line is Kicking Against the Pricks by Stephen M. Wilson, posthumously released last week. Stephen paved his own way in the literary world, creating works that were at once humorous and spiritual, brutal and beautiful, deeply rooted in both speculative  and literary influences. He championed the art form of the pastiche–work that blends the characteristics of multiple styles, and he did it so long that it occurred seemlessly in his writing. If you have an interest in horror, poetry, short fiction, or gay literature then I suggest picking up a copy of Kicking Against the Pricks at

Marching On Out to Die” is today’s featured song from the Colors Made of Tears soundtrack. Yes, it has way more “pop appeal” than other songs I’ve posted, but do you really think I’m “selling out?” Listen at and judge for yourself. Beyond that, I’m getting antsy about bringing the actual book before readers. It can’t happen soon enough for me.