HorribleCoverNOW AVAILABLE in Kindle format: The Horrible second edition! As advertised previously it includes a chock full of new material. If you’re looking for something a bit different this Halloween search no further! It’s a quick read that makes for great gifting.

From the Horrorweb review by Kelli Owen: “Collected poetry from previous publications, The Horrible gives you tiny tastes of the horrific dementia and wonderfully imagined regurgitations of Lawson’s own nightmare bucket. He leaves you with images that will remain long after you’ve finished reading – something akin to shadows in the aftermath of an A Bomb.”

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As for today’s featured song from the Colors Made of Tears soundtrack, as the title of this post suggests it is the one and only “Autophagia.” Off-kilter, dark, simultaneously atmospheric and hyper, even a bit celebratory, “Autophagia” is the perfect track to accompany the release of The Horrible.