Lobotomy Story

NoCleanWayAlthough it is late in the day, we still have a new featured song to roll out from the Colors Made of Tears soundtrack: “Lobotomy Story.” This one bears a hallmark of my work that you’ll find frequently, wherein I switch up the tracks halfway through–a trick which admittedly works better when accompanied by vocals to carry the listener through such a transition. Regardless, this is one of my personal favorites. Anytime I get to drop beatboxing into a song I’m happy. Listen at https://bizarrowriter.wordpress.com/?attachment_id=1311.

Also, I was talking last night to a longtime reader of my work. He wanted to know when I’d have a new novel for him to read. While a novel (or three) is in the pipe there are more collections and reissues coming first. I mentioned last week that I’m bringing my 2005 poetry collection The Horrible back into print with a substantial amount of new material. Well, here I present for the first time a cover mockup for a collection of new work titled No Clean Way to Die, the subject of which is phobia. There will be more reveals soon, and possibly some tweaking of the covers. Anyway, the reader I was speaking with seemed happy about these developments. The most exciting news, of course, is yet to come!