Author Stephanie Wytovich communes with the dead in preparation for her reading.

As promised, today’s featured song from the Colors Made of Tears soundtrack is lighter and not nearly so epic in length. “Spine” can be listened to at https://bizarrowriter.wordpress.com/?attachment_id=1285 If there’s a genre for this variety of song I’m not sure exactly what it is; “Spine” seems to have an ethnicity of one.

In other news: the Pittsburgh book tour was a roaring success! Hitting five stores over the course of five hours was a challenge, but not only did the RDSP authors rise to the occasion, but the audience members kept pace as most of the same 20+ audience participants made the slow trek across the metropolitan area with us. Love and thanks to everyone who came out on a rainy day for readings and signings! For the full report visit RDSP’s blog at http://rawdogscreaming.com/events/booksburgh-5-author-tour-pittsburgh/.