The Airship Archon of Columbus

The Airship Archon
The Airship Archon; photo by Nick Caza

A crowd pleasing moment at DogCon 2 was the participation of The Airship Archon. Their scintillating attire, combined with an engrossing workshop on steampunk costuming, boosted the excitement level greatly. It was a pleasure to have them involved, and I couldn’t think of a better way to launch Matt Bett’s steampunk adventure novel Odd Men Out. The Airship Archon site provides more information and pictures, but for a brief introduction please read below.

The Airship Archon is a diverse group of entertainers, tinkerers, and business people hailing from the humble but worldly city of Columbus, Ohio. They continually strive to network and propagate their good name to far off cities as much as possible. Frequently they host build days, meet ups, picnics, and dinners. In addition, they also travel to conventions and events near and far. The Archon is a close-knit group and like to keep their business practices and policies on the sly but are willing to teach you a few things on fashion, character creation, prop building, sewing and being thrifty. Our mission is to promote Costuming, Community & Education. We promote these through hosting Build Days, doing panel talks at conventions, dressing amazingly, and hosting community & charity events. We are always seeking like-minded individuals to join us!

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