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Author C.V. Hunt

There were plenty of highlights at DogCon 2–in fact it was a nonstop string of highlights. One of them, for me, was meeting author C.V. Hunt. Since returning home I’ve been reading her recent titles How To Kill Yourself and Thanks For Ruining My Life, which have helped remind me why I got into writing to begin with. If you are unfamiliar with this Grindhouse Press/Atlatl Press author please read below for info and links.

About C.V. Hunt

C.V. Hunt lives in Yellow Springs, Ohio. She is the author of Endlessly, Legacy, Phantom, ZombievilleHow To Kill Yourself, and Thanks For Ruining My Life. You can find her online at

About Thanks For Ruining My Life

81CnjN7qTQL._SL1500_These guidelines, rules, and regulations should be deemed useless unless the context clearly states otherwise. The following list is a compilation of suggested actions you can execute to ruin your life. This is not a guarantee for complete destruction of your current social status, family affairs, and or friendships. Reader discretion is advised.

1. Live your life exactly how you want.
2. Disregard any advice or concern from family or friends.
3. Move far away from everyone you know.
4. Meet a mysterious stranger and let them into your home.
5. Chase after the stranger and enter a microcosm of your own making.
6. Revisit all the people you have wronged.

And remember: This book is not about you.

81xno+J-xWL._SL1500_About Last Woman On Earth

What is there to do when you’re the last woman on the planet?

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About the Endlessly Trilogy

518g+85FQCLVampires, werewolves, witches, and any creature you could imagine live among the human population. They only have one rule: don’t let the humans know they exist. A small group within these misfits will do anything to enforce this rule. And there are people who will do anything to join the group who governs them all.

Each of the books is narrated by a different protagonist. Here’s your chance to read the completed trilogy: Endlessly, Legacy, and Phantom.

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