DogCon 2 Special Guest Chris Stout

Author Chris Stout
Author Chris Stout

DogCon 2 was centered around the authors and artists of Raw Dog Screaming Press and its imprints (Dog Star Books, Guide Dog Books, and Imaginary Books), but each DogCon is an inclusive event that could not happen without others in the publishing community. One such personality is Chris Stout, who in addition to being an author and editor is one of the few living souls who can claim to be a veteran of both DogCons!  Did he read from one of his action-packed thrillers? No! Instead he provided a service he has become renowned for: Chris offered tarot readings for all who cared to sit with him. Thus the DogCon attendees indulged in hours of entertainment and enlightenment after the Kafe Kerouac reading had concluded, just as he did at the inaugural DogCon. 

About Chris Stout

Chris Stout holds an MA in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University. His short fiction has appeared in the anthologies “Thou Shalt Not” (2006 by Dark Cloud Press) and “Sails and Sorcery” (2007 by Fantasist Enterprises). “Days of Reckoning” is his first novel.

About Days of Reckoning

“Days of Reckoning” is an action thriller. Miranda Leider is a young police officer looking for answers in her brother’s death. In the process, she uncovers a deadly plot that reaches to the top of her department. Both hunter and hunted, she soon learns that the only difference between justice and revenge is which side of the gun you’re on.

About The Bread of Monsters

charmer“1918. We were losing the war.”

Max and his company are weary of the fighting. While stationed in a captured French village, they look forward to a peaceful night of rest and recovery before marching back into battle. But Fate has a different plan, and even these hardened soldiers find themselves shocked by the bitterness of humanity.

About Charmer

Marshall has met the girl of his dreams. She is exotic and ephemeral, but what he doesn’t know is that his crush just might eat him alive. Bonus story included!

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Want to read Chris Stout’s fiction and contribute to a charitable cause? Purchase the massive multi-genre anthology Hazard Yet Forward in Kindle format!

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