DogCon 2 Special Guest Steven Archer

AUTHORS-StevenArcher DogCon 2 is now the stuff is legend. Why? Because of attendees like Steven Archer. Not only is he a renowned artist and musician, Steven is an accomplished author and book illustrator. His appearance at the Thurber Center in Columbus, Ohio was particularly epic; it featured a battle to the death with steampunk-bedecked children, followed by a reading of Luna Maris. Steven was a crowd pleaser, creating art nonstop throughout the weekend while also taking time to interact with fans and demonstrate his technique for interested parties. His infectious personality resulted in selling out two of the three titles he had for sale at DogCon 2. About Steven, and his books:    

Steven Archer is an artist and musician living in Baltimore, MD. When not recording, DJing, or producing art, he and his wife, author Donna Lynch, tour with their dark electronic rock band Ego Likeness. He has a BFA from the Corcoran School of Art in Washington DC, and has shown his work at galleries and other venues throughout the east coast, and internationally in the form of album art and magazine illustrations. His books include Luna Maris, Red King Black Rook, and Daughters of Lilith.

For more information about Ego Likeness, please visit Steven’s solo electronic project can be found at

About Daughters of Lilith

“And when it was done, these beautiful monsters, children, serpents, killers, lovers, and mothers became our new saints and sisters. And, as we would quickly learn, they were also the daughters of the original libertine—the first beautiful monster—Lilith.”
—From the Introduction

Daughters of Lilith is a collaboration between poet Donna Lynch and artist Steven Archer. This 7″ by 10″, full-color art book includes more than 25 poems and 50 paintings dedicated to all types of women, from the muse to the murderess.

The Limited Edition Hardcover is signed by both the author and artist and only 100 copies will be printed. The cover of each book is an original painting by Steven Archer so no two covers will be the same.

The Limited Edition Hardcover Plus Painting includes the limited edition along with one of the original paintings featured in the book. There are only 40 paintings available.

About Red King Black Rook

The Red King Black Rook chapbook is a steampunk fable for the modern age. It tells the story of a king’s court and what happens when a crafty avian adviser, the Rook, gains the king’s ear.

Written and illustrated by Steven Archer it includes more than 30 ink drawings. (Although Archer previously illustrated a children’s book this is intended for adults only).

This chapbook comes in several different editions:

The Deluxe Limited Edition is signed and numbered along with an original piece of artwork from the book and a Hopeful Machines CD soundtrack to the story (numbered 1-25).

The Limited Edition comes signed and numbered and includes a Hopeful Machines CD soundtrack to the story (numbered 26-75).

The Standard Edition comes unsigned and unumbered, does not include a CD and has no limit.

About the Hopeful Machines CD

The CD included with the limited editions is a soundtrack of sorts to the story and includes a brand new track from Hopeful Machines as well as exclusive mixes of older material. Hopeful Machines is an experimental “audio sandbox” for Steven Archer who uses it, “for developing ideas, learning production techniques, and [his] own amusement.”

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What they are saying about Red King Black Rook:

Red King Black Rook marches forward steadily like the pounding of soldiers’ feet through every gruesome detail, all the way to its bitter end. This is not your Aesop fable. This is not a feel-good story. This is Steven Archer in a dark, dark place, and when reading Red King Black Rook, you’re there with him.”
—ReGen Magazine

Archer reads to children at DogCon 2
Archer and a small portion of his crowd at DogCon 2

“A dark and claustrophobic tale of royalty, family, greed, and war, with the sense of a morality tale from several hundred years ago, the story of Red King Black Rook echoes throughout history, but leaves us free to chose whether to draw parallels with modern or ancient history.”
—Steampunk Magazine

About Luna Maris

We all have questions…even the moon.

On his night off, the moon decides to journey to the earth in search of the answer to a burning question: What is the ocean for?

What people are saying about Luna Maris

“For anyone who is tired of the same cookie-cutter children’s stories and wants a unique and fun tale to share with your young ones, Luna Maris is the book for you. Archer’s debut book will entertain, educate, and entice— a winning combination in this field.”
—ReGen Magazine

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