DogCon 2 Special Guest Michael A. Arnzen

Michael A. ArnzenMichael Arznen was in the second book RDSP ever published – Sick: An Anthology of Illness and we put out his groundbreaking collection of short shorts, 100 Jolts in our 2nd year. Since then we’ve collaborated on a number of boundary testing projects including a CD, Audiovile, and a set of poetry magnets affectionately known as The Fridge of the Damned. His novel, Play Dead, sold out in hardcover and has just been re-released in paperback. This weekend he will lead a writing workshop at DogCon 2 titled “Breaking Bad: When Narratives Collapse.”

BOOKS-playdeadAbout Play Dead

Johnny had been to the top. Young and slick, he knew how to play the high roller, dress the part, and make his opponents sweat. He’d ridden into Vegas on a winning streak a mile wide. But Vegas took everything, even his lucky gold tooth.

You’d think he couldn’t fall any lower than a homeless shelter full of the downtrodden. And he couldn’t possibly have anything left to lose. But you’d be wrong.

Johnny soon discovers there’s a game going on at the shelter. A game where before you play the cards you have to make them. A game where the payout is survival and folding means death. A game where the question becomes: are you playing the cards or are they playing you?

Using 52 chapters Arnzen’s novel-of-cards is stacked with mischief and thrills. Like the most accomplished blackjack dealer Arnzen will keep you guessing at his hand. Are you ready to play?

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