DogCon 2 Special Guest Author Donna Lynch

Author Donna Lynch

We’re only a week away from DogCon 2, featuring many talented authors, artists, and musicians. Here’s your chance to get know one of them, Donna Lynch, whose new book is debuting today at the Liam Flynn Ale House book release party in Baltimore. We hope to see you there! For more about Donna and her intense books read below…

Donna Lynch is a novelist, poet, spoken word artist, and the co-founder, lyricist and singer for the dark electronic rock band, Ego Likeness (Metropolis Records). She is the author of two novels: Isabel Burning (RDSP 2008) and Red Horses (RDSP 2013), a novella: Driving Through the Desert (Thunderstorm Books 2012), and numerous short stories, illustrated collections, and poetry chapbooks. She lives in Maryland with her husband, artist and musician Steven Archer.

As a young woman raised in the soot-covered mediocrity of an English industrial town, Isabel has led a common and directionless life. Secretly she yearns to be the center of something, anything, that is momentous and vital. She dreams of making marks on the world. Her new job as housekeeper at Grace mansion is hardly exciting but does surround her with the accouterments of aristocratic lineage while allowing her to observe the habits of the enigmatic Dr. Edward Grace. Captivated by his tales of travel to Africa, Isabel is inexorably drawn into a tumultuous relationship which eventually reveals the Grace family’s dark heritage and lays bare every secret, even the ones she keeps from herself.

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Donna Lynch has returned with the prequel to her acclaimed debut novel Isabel Burning. This is the tragic and haunting love story of damaged Russian scientist Vladimir Millerovo, a Grace ancestor, and his gifted, beautiful Romanian bride Veda.The couple are forced to flee late 1800′s Moscow, along with their baby daughter Ana, across several continents and an ocean to escape Vladimir’s crimes and the ghosts that seek their revenge. Finding sanctuary in the Caribbean paradise of Martinique, the family tries to repair what has been broken only to find that the horror they sought to leave behind has been irrevocably burned into each of their hearts, and ignited a terrible gift in young Ana.

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What They’re Saying About Donna Lynch

“Written with elegance and strong atmosphere, this is a solid Gothic horror story. Readers unfamiliar with Isabel Burning probably won’t pick up on the author’s use of foreshadowing, but that’s OK: the book works well as a stand-alone and is sure to drive new readers back to the first book.”—Booklist

“Isabel Burning was incredibly difficult to put down. The only times I did manage to stop reading was to shower and sleep. As I read this, I found it very difficult to believe that this was Donna Lynch’s first novel…What makes it so incredible is that everything that happened seems so… real. As if what you are reading actually took place and Isabel wrote them down as it happened to maintain the descriptive elements.”
—Zombie Mall

Isabel Burning is more than just scary. It’s morbid and grotesque. It’s deeply disturbing and intensely mortifying. And you’ll love every minute of it.”—ReGen Magazine

Isabel Burning has the kind of imagery that never gets out of your head. Years later, this book will still haunt you.”
—Magpie Killjoy, Steampunk Magazine

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“With ghosts, dark family secrets, growing paranoia at every turn and realistic characters to die for, Isabel Burning is one of the best debut novels I’ve read in quite some time.”
Horror Fiction Review

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