Nook Exclusives

A special deal for the Nook readers out there: twelve Raw Dog Screaming Press titles are available at only $0.99! This sale covers some of the most unexpected work from authors of experimental and dark literature. For a complete listing see the titles and links below.

15 Serial Killers by Harold Jaffe

A Dirge for the Temporal by Darren Speegle

And Your Point Is? by Steve Aylett

Fish, Soap, and Bonds by Larry Fondation

Fugue XXIX by Forrest Aguirre

Last Burn in Hell by John Edward Lawson

Meat Puppet Cabaret by Steve Beard

Pseudo City by D. Harlan Wilson

Sick: An Anthology of Illness edited by John Edward Lawson

Tempting Disaster by John Edward Lawson

Terror-Dot-Gov by Harold Jaffe

Westermead by Scott Thomas