DAUGHTERS OF ICARUS now available!

Pink Narcissus Press

Daughters of Icarus cover“This is what desire feels like: black adrenaline slicked through a straw of molasses, corkscrews spinning into each inch of skin. It takes a lot and you still only get a little, but it’s because what you wanted was to want more. No one craves satisfaction, that’s far too scary to actually experience. Because when you get it, what’s left? Nothing was fun until it ran through the full road of excess; nothing was fun until it wasn’t fun anymore.” – Elizabeth Aldrich, “Saturnina”

Pink Narcissus Press presents Daughters of Icarus, a collection of new feminist science fiction and fantasy.

“Strong pieces offer memorable takes on the notion of feminism in speculative fiction.” – Library Journal

“This collection of 28 short stories […] explores many areas of speculative fiction, from fantasy lands of ritual and magic to postapocalyptic wastelands to modern cityscapes. Throughout, the authors explore themes of gender…

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