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discouragingMy Wonderland Award finalist fiction collection, Discouraging at Best, has had its Kindle price slashed to just $0.99 for a limited time! That means that when purchased with The Plague Factory and The Troublesome Amputee: Scarred Edition (containing two collections in one) you can own four of my books for a grand total of $3.97. Act soon; these prices won’t stick around forever! Discouraging at Best also contains the Fiction International Emerging Writers Competition winner and Pushcart Prize nominee “Expectations of the Needy.” It makes the perfect read for your childhood confession night. Check it out on Kindle now.

What they’re saying about Discouraging at Best:

Discouraging at Best is like flying over the country and dropping down at random to eavesdrop on the thoughts of citizenry at all levels of our society. Read this book slowly to savor Lawson’s righteous anger and skillful comic buildup in a satire in the spirit of Jonathan Swift.”

“For those who do not find the more outrageous bizarro authors who dwell in the fantastic to their liking, Lawson may be more accessible. While some of his prose comes close to being fantastic, this story collection tends towards lampoon, a desire to show the truly insane in our life, the craziness that is right in front of us… It was entertaining as I read it, amusing and horrible at the same time, and there are times I don’t ask for more from a book. This is one of those times.”
I Read Odd Books

“The content of the stories moves from profoundly disturbing to surrealistically hysterical, giving the book a manic texture…John Edward Lawson has written a powerful work with Discouraging at Best. Its stories are strong enough to stand on their own, but when taken in the thematic context of the rest of the book, they reveal added levels of meaning. Raw Dog Screaming Press has a real winner on their hands—a disturbing, thought-provoking, wildly humorous book. Highly recommended.”
—Jeff Burk for The Dream People

“A genuinely funny (yet serious) collection, demonstrating that satire is indeed the vital blood of bizarro fiction; and it should be read by anyone who shares the opinion that America is a ship of fools that is slowly sinking, and all one can do is sigh and laugh at the sight of its going down, disheartened but amused.”
Bust Down the Door and Eat All the Chickens

“Providing the reader with a mosaic-like narrative comprised of different voices and perspectives, Lawson’s approach is both imaginative and hilarious in its pairings, juxtapositions, and contrasts….Discouraging at Best is an accomplished and enjoyable read. A fabulous introduction to John Edward Lawson’s work as well as a treat for long-time fans, these stories are stylistically innovative and engaging. Highly recommended.”
Midwest Book Review

“This serious approach to fiction is not without Lawson’s ability to bring disgust and humor to the situation at hand at any given moment…Tight, righteous and slightly surreal, Discouraging At Best is full of wonder and intelligent story telling.”
— Dustin LaValley, lone wolf author of Spinner