Scarred Edition Now In Kindle

ttacoverhcThe Troublesome Amputee: Scarred Edition — which pairs The Troublesome Amputee with my out of print debut poetry collection The Scars Are Complimentary — is now available in Kindle format at the exceedingly low introductory price of $1.99. Previously available only in hardcover at $18.95, you can save $16 by ordering the Kindle version–and I now officially sound like a late-night TV ad! You can end the cheesiness by ordering NOW! And if you purchase with the Kindle edition of The Plague Factory you can own three of my poetry collections for just $2.98! I’d say operators are standing by, but it’s more like creepy Matrix-worthy automated systems.

Not familiar with this poetry collection? Here’s a little more information:

Bram Stoker Award Finalist
2 nominations for the Dwarf Stars Award
2 nominations for the Rhysling Award

What they’re saying about The Troublesome Amputee:

“There are few books like this one. Even within the new and growing Bizarro movement Lawson has released a book full literary razorblades in the form of poetry. Lawson’s work shines through the whole spectrum, including funny, sad, morbid, disgusting and meaningful poems. Libraries looking offer a unique book of poetry that spits in the face of conventional, sugary sweet, or pretentious ‘literary’ poetry, that expresses a dissident voice of gloom should put this book in the shelf. Recommended.”
— Monster Librarian

“Reflective and, at times, philosophical. Lawson’s use of language is accomplished and often very evocative.”
— HorrorScope

“Mr. Lawson makes a good case for himself as a poet. He comes on like Catholicism, Palahniuk, and Lovecraft on bad acid. Sometimes rambling away on a titular theme, but occasionally spouting a bit of profundity. To say he’s focused on the macabre, the moribund, and the painful is understating where Lawson’s coming from…if you can get past the “disturbed” nature of the first third of this collection and want to read some humorously nasty gems I can recommend The Troublesome Amputee.”

“Lawson proves he’s a poet to reckon with…The Troublesome Amputee not only confirmed John Edward Lawson as a triple threat (editor, poet, writer of fiction), but shows why he’s among the leading pioneers of the Bizarro genre.”
—Midwest Book Review

“I believe I am now a Lawson convert. The Troublesome Amputee has opened my eyes to new possibilities in poetry, and I am eager to seek out more of his work. Lawson has a way of getting under my skin with his words, making them memorable long after the pages have closed. That said, I wouldn’t recommend reading many of the poems in one sitting; there are so many ideas and images that come so quickly that I needed time in between readings to process things properly. Too much is bound lead to some sort of mental or emotional overload.”
—Somebody Dies

“Lawson is genuinely one of the best horror poets writing today.”
—The Swallow’s Tail

“Did somebody say ‘crazy poetry’? I am actually running out at 5 p.m. today and finding myself a copy of John Edward Lawson’s The Troublesome Amputee. I can think of few things sweeter than going up to a be-turtlenecked struggling poet, giving the sullen fellow a copy of this book, and saying, ‘Nice angst there, Raven, but your poems don’t have nearly enough werewolves.’”

“Lawson’s poetry inspires, sings, dissects, and screams, reflecting his unique insight to a world willing to indulge in self-amputation: harming itself in unexplained ways. Whimsical, strange, and unflinchingly true, Lawson’s work is always entertaining. Like coming home to unanswered screams, Lawson’s poems weave words into unforgettable songs of sweet darkness.”
—Linda Addison, Bram Stoker Award winning author of Consumed, Reduced to Beautiful Grey Ashes

“I’m a big fan of John Edward Lawson’s work, and The Troublesome Amputee is by far his best poetry collection to date. It’s sometimes hilariously funny, sometimes deadly serious, but always morbid (often really morbid) and thought-provoking. Any horror fan—even those who aren’t into poetry—should check this one out.”
—Jeff Strand, author of Pressure and Casket for Sale (Only Used Once)

“With this blistering salvo of poetic gutshots Lawson has proven himself Bizarro’s true bard, its mad laureate. Switching from dark whimsy to retina-blast shock to political outrage without missing a beat, The Troublesome Amputee is a powerful collection of pitch-black verse.”
—Jeremy Robert Johnson, author of Angel Dust Apocalypse and Skullcrack City