The Plague Factory Now In Kindle

plaguethumbMy third poetry collection, The Plague Factory, has seen several different publications. Now it is available in Kindle format at

Here is an excerpt from the book, detailing this particular title’s convoluted journey through the publishing world:

Author’s Note

The Plague Factory has had a troubled history. It was first picked up by a publisher who went under just a month before the scheduled publication date. Eventually it was released by Skull Vomit Publishing as a free, downloadable PDF; within a year Skull Vomit closed shop and it was picked up by Meat Hook Press. Eventually MHP disappeared and the book has been unavailable for some time.

After the reaction to my debut poetry collection, The Scars are Complimentary, I decided to split my horror, literary, and experimental poetry into separate volumes. Thus, The Horrible contained only horror, The Plague Factory only experimental. After that I decided this approach was nonsense and I’d do things however I wanted, leading to the melting pot—and success—of The Troublesome Amputee.

Within this book are works evolved from fits of formless desire; normally, one sets out with something specific in mind when writing, but such was not the case with these poems. They seized me between 2002 and 2005.

Some may be fragmented thought more than poetry, some are constructed from the titles of spam eMail, others have been assembled by splicing together several different articles. Some of the work here is experimental in the extreme, some humorous, some might even be offensive…hopefully you’ll find it enjoyable.

John Lawson
Landover Hills, Maryland 2/13/07