It is my honor to announce that I am the new columnist for Inveterate Media Junkies!

When he first blew up in our collective minds, Stephen King liked to give the impression he was a little on the weird side– a horror writer with a bent for the strange and the arcane. But you know what? He’s a really nice guy.

Jonathan Maberry, one of the finest horror writers in the world (and currently in big demand everywhere by virtually everybody) couldn’t be a nicer gentleman. It’s a safe bet we’ll never forget the day he agreed to be a columnist for Inveterate Media Junkies. I wrote him a rather long, rambling email one afternoon and 5 minutes after sending it, Jonathan wrote back saying, “I’m in!” Amazing.

Which brings us to John Edward Lawson. John is an accomplished Author (nine books of fiction and poetry), Publisher and Editor-in-Chief at Raw Dog Screaming Press. Raw Dog is the publisher of all…

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