It’s Time for Biting the Writing!

Authors Jessica McHugh and John Edward Lawson are biting the writing!

Earlier this year author Jessica McHugh purchased my poetry collection The Troublesome Amputee and posted a pic of herself, well, gnawing on it. As a firm believer in reciprocity I purchased her most recent novel, PINS, and posted a photo of myself doing likewise. This has caught on as a sensation on Facebook with book enthusiasts around the world posting pics of their own oral fi(ction)xation. The phenomenon is referred to as “Biting the Writing.”

October is scary enough with Halloween and all, but let’s take things to the next level and make October the official month for Biting the Writing®. Take a picture of yourself Biting the Writing® and get a shout out online from one of the authors!

Simply post your pic at one of our official author Like pages:

I look forward to seeing your teeth on a book soon!