The D. Harlan Wilson Book Award

The following guidelines are subject to minor changes and revisions before the publisher begins accepting submissions in 2013.


The D. Harlan Wilson Book Prize is presented annually by Raw Dog Screaming Press to a collection of short fiction or a novel. Sponsored by Wright State University-Lake Campus, the award takes its name from author, editor, critic and English professor D. Harlan Wilson, whose body of fiction and nonfiction engages multiple genres and styles. Submitted works should demonstrate an aesthetic of genuine innovation and originality that stands comfortably alongside RDSP’s library of titles. Translations or previously published and self-published works are not eligible for consideration. The award entails a cash prize of $1000 plus publication by RDSP.


Submissions for the first annual D. Harlan Wilson Book Prize will be accepted between January 1 and July 31, 2013. The winner will be announced in September 2013.


Submissions will be blind-judged by a committee of RDSP authors and editors. D. Harlan Wilson will select the winner from a small pool of finalists.

Submissions Guidelines

Please be sure to account for the following criteria: [1] Submissions should be anonymous. The author’s name must not appear anywhere on the manuscript and the title page should only contain the title. Submit manuscripts as .doc or .pdf files via this submission manager. Format according to industry-standard manuscript guidelines. [2] A formal cover letter with a biography and contact information should be attached separately. [3] Submissions should not exceed 80,000 words. [4] There is a $25 submission fee. You may submit more than one manuscript on the condition that each submission is accompanied by a $25 fee. [5] No simultaneous submissions.