Piratz Tavern in Need of Help

Snagged from the Facebook wall of  Nathan Rosen:
I just posted this on the Bar Rescue Facebook page. We’ll see if anything comes of it.The following is an open letter to Jon Taffer, host of Bar Rescue.

Dear Mr. Taffer:

The time has come for honest, candid and open discourse. We, the friends and clientele of Piratz Tavern, did not like what you and the crew of Bar Rescue did to our favorite bar. We feel that you did not act in good faith, and that you placed a higher priority on creating drama for television than on assisting a struggling business.However, all of this is in the past. We have emerged stronger for the experience, your show has aired, and Piratz Tavern will thrive or fail on its own merits.

I write regarding the behavior of your fans, Mr. Taffer. In the days since your show aired, Piratz Tavern has been the target of abuse from people nationwide who have never been to the establishment. They are flooding Yelp.com with fake one-star reviews, causing tangible harm to the reputation of Piratz Tavern. On Facebook I have seen insulting, abusive and racist comments targeted at Piratz Tavern staff and customers. I have seen wishes of injury and violence. I have seen death threats.

This is neither appropriate nor acceptable, sir. I appeal to your humanity and common decency, and ask that you make a statement your fans to let them know that this behavior is unbecoming of civilized people and that you do not approve of it.

I have no doubt that, having been informed of the situation, you will not delay in addressing it. And if you ever return to Piratz Tavern in the future, sir, I will personally treat you to a round of grog.

Nathan “Black Dog Nate” Rosen
Baltimore, Maryland
August 1, 2012