Awesome giveaway! Win a copy of GREENSHIFT!!!!!!!

And, here it is…the official cover reveal for my new novel GREENSHIFT!

The wonderful artwork and typography was done by artist Byron Winton.

Byron is from my neck of the woods near Pittsburgh, PA, where he is a member of the PITTSBURGH SOCIETY OF ILLUSTRATORS.

He paints popular culture imagery from memorable movies like Star Wars and Resident Evil, but also creates mind-blowing original concepts like Mari sabotaging a hydroponics bay for GREENSHIFT. Byron has also worked for author SUSAN K. DRONEY, the industrial band REIN[FORCED], and CALIBER COMIC. You can buy his awesome work on Deviant Art as Urbanite by Design.

Byron’s a good sport, very patient, and such a professional that he never complains when I bombard him with crazy ideas about my world in the Ambasadora-verse. And I also send him lots of photos that inspire me, like this hydroponics greenhouse…


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