Worder Incorporated Syndicate On the Run

As promised, the Raw Dog Screaming crew will be in the house at AnthoCon. The official schedule is as follows:

Dealer’s Room Nov 11-13
Nov 12 10-10:14 Psychedelic Fiction (Dustin LaValley & John Edward Lawson)
Nov 12 2-2:45 Skinning the Cat: Outsider Voices (John Edward Lawson)
Nov 13 11-11:45 Raw Dog Screaming Press reading (Dustin LaValley & John Edward Lawson) w/Michael Boatman
Nov 13 12-12:45 Getting It Right: The Warrior, Soldier, Samurai, & Knight in Fiction (Dustin LaValley)

Tickets for the weekend are $55. Visit http://anthocon.com/ for more details.